The Inventor of the Leg Raise Hyper Extension Exercise / Reverse Hyperextension Exercise tony@silaathletic.com

The Truth & History Of The Reverse Hyper Extension


"My name is George, and I have been suffering from back pain for quite some time. Fortunately I met Tony through a friend, bought his DVD and then started back exercise programs on the DVD. Since then I have noticed a lot of improvement, and I would recommend Tony's expertise to anyone because his method really work."

-George Kofi-Debra,
Security/Concierge, Eureka Security Co.

"I am currently attending college on a football scholarship. With the new levels of intensity that come with playing ball at this level I find the Reverse Hypers to be an integral part of my training."

-Tyson Woollard,
College Football Player.

Origin Of Reverse Hyper ExtensionOrigin Of Reverse Hyper Extension

Origin Of Reverse Hyper Extension

Origin Of Reverse Hyper Extension

This article tells the reader about the history of reverse hyper extension. Also shown are pictures of BACK MASTER I and BACK MASTER II. You can also see my double hyper bench built and placed in the SPARTACUS ATHLETIC CLUB 13 December 1979.