The Inventor of the Leg Raise Hyper Extension Exercise / Reverse Hyperextension Exercise tony@silaathletic.com

The Truth & History Of The Reverse Hyper Extension


"My name is George, and I have been suffering from back pain for quite some time. Fortunately I met Tony through a friend, bought his DVD and then started back exercise programs on the DVD. Since then I have noticed a lot of improvement, and I would recommend Tony's expertise to anyone because his method really work."

-George Kofi-Debra,
Security/Concierge, Eureka Security Co.

"I am currently attending college on a football scholarship. With the new levels of intensity that come with playing ball at this level I find the Reverse Hypers to be an integral part of my training."

-Tyson Woollard,
College Football Player.

Hypers Testimonials

"Tony's experience with his own back injury has earned him a reputation unmatched by anyone in the sport/strength training field. His new lower back unit is a must for sports training, conditioning or the rehabilitation market."
-Sergio Bevilacqua,
1983 Canadian Olympic lifting champion
Gator's Gym Gear Canada, Owner

"I have known Tony for twenty-five years. I am most impressed by how after Lumber surgery he has been able to habilitate his lower paravertebral muscles with his leg extension exercises and has been able to return to a strenuous workout."
-Dr. Blake Alderson,
Chiropractor, Vancouver, B.C.

"I train 4 days a week and play hockey once a week. In 1977 I had the pleasure to meet Tony Dolezel at Olympic Gym. At that time he was a monster of a man with a big kind heart. The nicest guy you ever want to meet; we became friends instantly. There were times in the gym when he would encourage me and spot me when I attempted heavy lifts. In turn, I would do the same. There was one exercise that only Tony would do, it was his creation. I was puzzled by what he went through to do this exercise. He would climb on to this elevated hyperextension bench, tie weights to his legs, then do a stiff legged hyperextension lift. It was very creative, it looked extremely difficult to do. Tony's remarks would be, it feels good doing it."
-Phil Delgiglio,

"As a youngster, I had the opportunity to train at the best gym in the Greater Vancouver Area, Olympic Athletic Club. I was able to train in the presence of many great champions from varying disciplines within the weight game (Olympic Weightlifters, Powerlifters, Strongmen, and Bodybuilders). One particular guy stood out among many and his name is Tony Dolezel. He had a phenomenal build and was one of the strongest members within the facility. He was a former junior champion from Czechoslovakia.

Tony was a great role model for a kid like me. I remember that he had injured his back and developed an exercise called the Leg Raise Hyper Extension. Tony did this exercise religiously just left of the weightlifting platform which I trained on during the mid to late 70's, so I was able to view Tony as he used to do this exercise with a lot of weight and on many occasions with people on his back legs."
-Guy Greavette,
1988 Olympian (10th Place – 90kg category)
2008 Canadian Olympic Team (Weightlifting) – Team Leader/Coach.

"I remember Tony in the 70's at Olympic gym in Vancouver doing a different version of hyperextensions. He would lay face down on an elevated bench with his legs hanging over the edge. Then, with either weights tied to his ankles or people suspended between his legs, he would raise his legs up and down. It was always an eye opener to see him do the exercise."
-Ralph Renzetti,
2 time Canadian Powerlifting Champion