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The Truth & History Of The Reverse Hyper Extension


"My name is George, and I have been suffering from back pain for quite some time. Fortunately I met Tony through a friend, bought his DVD and then started back exercise programs on the DVD. Since then I have noticed a lot of improvement, and I would recommend Tony's expertise to anyone because his method really work."

-George Kofi-Debra,
Security/Concierge, Eureka Security Co.

"I am currently attending college on a football scholarship. With the new levels of intensity that come with playing ball at this level I find the Reverse Hypers to be an integral part of my training."

-Tyson Woollard,
College Football Player.

Abdominal Exercises Videos

Core Strengthening Variations

There are several Canadian and American companies that produce the Reverse Hyperextension machine. If your gym or facility is not equipped with these types of machines, you can do the Reverse Hypers manually...Read More

Stronger Abdominals

Abdominal crunch and abdominal rotation or side to side abdominal slide are two of four excellent exercises for abs. It is important to first go through conditioning training. Then week by week climb to higher repetitions, using only your body weight. You can then gradually start adding resistance.

Abdominal Crunch By Sila Athletic

The Abdominal crunch is excellent in conditioning and strengthening the abdominals doing high repetition and then gradually start increasing resistance. until plateauing. This can take several weeks, it is important changing the exercise, each time plateau is reached. This way abdominals get stronger and better. Remember your abdominals and your lower back is your foundation. Take good care of it.

Abdominal Rotation Exercises

Having well conditioned Lower Back and Abdominals = Healthy Core. This is a demonstration of the abdominal exercise I call Abdominal rotation and side to side slide. It works the abdominals and obliques. SUPER AB EXERCISE.